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How to expand to new platforms as an influencer

Moving beyond just Instagram or YouTube is a great way to increase your brand’s overall reach, and the ability to share a post beyond just one platform means you can command a higher rate for sponsored posts. But learning a new platform can be tedious, and just because something is new and shiny doesn’t mean you should immediately hop on board. Here’s how to expand thoughtfully.

Consider your audience

Mindi Hirsch, cofounder of, says she usually hears about new platforms through word of mouth. Before joining, she thinks about whether the platform is a natural fit for her brand. If you know that your base is generally between the ages of 25 and 35, for example, a platform that’s dominated by teens probably isn’t the best use of your time. You should also consider what you know about your content: If your videos often get the most engagement, think about how much weight videos have on the new channel. If it’s text-heavy, it could be tough to get traction.

Use one channel to promote another

There’s no need to try to build a completely different audience for every platform. In fact, you should think of your current followers as the foundation for your next channel. Hirsch often includes the URL for her YouTube channel in her Instagram stories. On Facebook, she reminds followers to join 2foodtrippers on Instagram.

Post exclusive content to the new channel

You can boost your follower count on the new platform quickly by giving your current followers a reason to join you. Give a sneak peek at a giveaway that is only running on the new channel, for example, or tease a post that’s just gone live.

Tailor the post to the platform

The last thing you want to do is spread the exact same post over multiple channels. Not only will that bore the loyal followers who have joined you on your new adventure, but it also won’t inspire much confidence in brands, which want to see you dominate multiple platforms. Like most successful influencers, Hirsch tailors her posts to the specific platform. This is especially important when photos are involved—as Hirsch points out, different platforms often favor different sized photos. She is also careful to divvy up new content based on what does well on each platform. For example, she’s more likely to post selfies on Facebook than on Twitter or Instagram.

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