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How to Become a Top Instagram Post in Fashion (or during Fashion Week)

We recently spent time digesting what makes a top post on Instagram in the fashion category. This means we looked at top 50 hashtags in fashion and analyzed commonalities of those people who landed in top 9. The top 9 refers to those top 9 posts that Instagram highlights in each category when searching against a particular hashtag.

So how does one end up there? It's not easy but the following are commonalities across top posts:

  • Use 15-18 hashtags

  • Include a geo-location tag

  • Focus on videos, over images

  • Grow a large personal audience.... unless you don't need to.

  • Wait: 5 days is when you see the most likes.

  • But, get up early: posts posted at 8am saw the highest amount of engagement in this category.

When preparing for a trip to Fashion Week - whether in NYC or anywhere (our research was not limited by geography)- one will need to remember these lessons to get the best chance of high level viewership on content created.

Additionally, there are individuals who we saw routinely appear in the top 9 of these categories. For brands looking to hire fashion influencers, these particular influencers seem to be particularly adroit in their ability to break through. In our research period, they appeared in four or more top hashtags.

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