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5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Customer Care

As social media is now a primary method by which most of us stay connected, stay informed and stay entertained, it’s important to understand the importance of embracing this within your brand’s sales funnel. Ensuring that your customers after-purchase care needs are fulfilled can benefit your brand loyalty, sales, revenue and overall customer satisfaction rate. According to facts & statistics from, 95% of businesses indicate their customer care has a direct impact on brand image. Customer care via social media is a fast-emerging channel that cannot be ignored for any serious brand. For those looking to improve their customer care and boost their customer satisfaction rate, here are 5 things to implement immediately.

Ditch the Phone & Email Support

The phone and toll-free agent-based customer care channel is in its twilight and is no longer the customer care channel of choice. In fact, only 16.1% of customers prefer to receive their customer service via toll-free numbers. Email support also has only 19.4% preference amongst customers, and both these channels are losing ground fast.

Social media customer care (SMCC) is now the most preferred channel of customer care with over 1/3 or 34.5% of consumers choosing it as their go channel for service. The second top option is a website and live chat with a 24.7% preference. SMCC is more cost-effective, has better ROI, boosts revenue and is preferred by your customers, making it a no-brainer choice for successful customer care. Ditch the phone and email and embrace the SMCC and web/live chat revolution of customer care.

Start Using Facebook & Twitter

The two top platforms for SMCC are Facebook and Twitter. Start using them. Twitter and Facebook are 48% more accurate at delivering responses than email and 44% faster. 80% of brands’ social requests come from Twitter, and 80% of all internet users are on Facebook, making them great starting points for your SMCC strategy.

Improve Your Response Time

The average SMCC response is currently over 5 hours, while customers expect much prompter service. 42% of customers expect a response within 1 hour, 32% within 30 minutes and 11% immediately. Improving your average response time is key to improving your customer care experience.

Reach Out to Social Media

90% of social media users have used it to communicate to a brand, and 63% expect a company to offer SMCC. Reaching out can have huge benefits, with 70% of people more likely to use a brand’s product when reached out to on social media. Furthermore, 31% of customers turn to social media to make pre-sales inquiries and 39% of consumers actively provide feedback to brands through social media. Reach out and boost your customer's’ experience through social media and you will be surprised how engaging they can be.

Rebalance Your Social Media Campaign

Brands send, on average, 23 promotional messages for every 1 response given to their audience. The industry responds to just 12.9% of information demand. Rebalancing your efforts can make a big difference in your customer’s thoughts about your brand. 80% of companies say they provide exceptional SMCC, but only 8% of their customers would agree. The key is to not over-advertise or overwhelm but to focus some of that energy into answering customers’ informational requests and building relationships with them.

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