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Breakups and Breakthroughs: What I Learned

A lot of the time at SoCu we are heads down working to get our client's brands and products out there in the world. We are aggressively working on public relations, on social media, on digital marketing and on cutting edge research. Yet, we also believe in doing things that are about more than our client's products. We believe in creating conversations, in bringing people together and in discussing the ideas that connect us.

This past week, we partnered with a few of our author friends to talk about break-ups and the breakthroughs that accompany them. Here's what I learned:

  • Everyone has had a bad break-up and everyone of us is better off for it.

  • Authors are generally more hilarious than you give them credit for and, obviously, the best people to tell stories, period.

  • We don't spend enough time talking about our heartache and healing in public and sometimes, we should.

  • No matter what, it's universally considered crazy to go to your ex's house and wait for him on his doorstep. Occasionally, though, its the closure you need.

  • Authors are the next influencers: they are creative, real, warm and genuinely lovely. Plus, their audience are rapid supporters of their work and deeply, emotionally involved.

We were treated to wine samplings from Gruet Winery, to gift boxes from Knack and to new memories from authors Andrea Dunlop, Grant Ginder and Georgia Clark.

If you're interested in learning more about our authors, you can buy their books here:

  • Andrea Dunlop's She Regrets Nothing (pre-order),

  • Grant Ginder's The People We Hate at the Wedding (here).

  • Georgia Clark's The Regulars (here).

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