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Our Favorite News of the Week? See our PR Clients In Your Favorite Publications.

This past week, we saw a number of great articles from our Public Relations clients in the news.

Dosh was the focus of the Austin Business Journal's cover story this week.

This startup won't formally debut until sometime next year, but insiders who helped get brands such as Twitter, Trulia and Facebook off the ground say it has the potential to become what Austin economic development leaders crave: A billion-dollar, homegrown global giant that's a household name — something consumer-facing. It already has quietly convinced more than 100,000 businesses — including Sam's Club — to join its cause.

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Mind Yeti was the focus of this Q13 (Seattle Fox) story.

“I was feeling a little upset so I took a deep breath and let it flow all the way to the trash can in my mind,” said one student.

Teachers say what's really great about Mind Yeti is that it bridges the gap from the classroom to the home. It’s an app geared for children 5 to 12 years old that parents can use at home.

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Knack was included in this Domino Feature on Best Coffee Products

The Purist's Pour, Knack, $275

Consider this an essential to the beginner's guide to pour-over coffee. The complete set comes with a pair of matte black ceramic mugs, a precision-pour kettle, double-walled glass carafe, dripper, and a medium roast bag of whole bean coffee.

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