The Next Wave of Influencer Marketing

For the past few years companies have been focusing their efforts and resources on external social influencers, but  have neglected to recognize the pool of potentially powerful influencers that already love know and love their brand: their own employees.

Now, SoCu helps mid-market and enterprise companies audit, identify, train, and grow corporate social media influencers who deeply know and can authentically evangelize your brand.

This increases marketing driven sales and awareness, while serving as a retention and incentive HR tool.

Step 1:

The Audit

SoCu reviews your current employees to discover  who is  already, should be, or has the potential to be influential.

We work with you to find out your targeted marketing goals and then audit your employees using our proprietary software and research driven approach to find those who will have the greatest impact on your social footprint.

(Think your C-Suite plus mid-level or junior promising employees).

Step 2:

The Training

Created and lead by a University of Florida professor and former head of Microsoft’s Communications team, this three day master class training gives this elite set of employees the tools, techniques and products necessary to become social media influencers while strategically highlighting in your brand organically and authentically. ​

Taught in a hands-on workshop style, the program helps your company grow relevant, authentic and valuable social media influencers from within your own company.

Step 3:

Software and Support

Your team will have ongoing support from those who have been there and done that:  SoCu’s expert trainers and professional influencers.


Plus, they get exclusive use of Introspec (our forthcoming software), which takes the guess work out of the complex and nuanced space that influencers must navigate in order to be successful.​

The Result:

A new and better way to compete in the ever crowded and segmented digital world.

At the end of this program you will have a team of newly empowered influencers who have the tools and the know-how to represent your brand (and themselves!) in a compelling and authentic way.


You will also leave with:


A PLAN: of record for how to think about B2B and B2C social media influencers both internally and externally.

A POLICY:  for corporate social media influencers as employees including crisis plans and continued support.

A COHORT:  of social media evangelists who have deep knowledge and can authentically speak to your products.


A STRATEGY: for the growth of your platform using internal social media influencers.


A NETWORK: of ongoing support to help corporate employees grow their influence and thus the brand's influence online.

The History

Created by our Co-Founder, Kristina Libby, this program originally started at the University of Florida as part of a Master’s level, four-semester practicum.​

With the learnings from academia, and her ongoing awareness of the industry, Kristina realized developed a program to help companies address the rising challenges in today's influencer and PR marketplaces.

Companies who embrace the B2B and B2C influencer, successfully set themselves apart as pioneers in the market, creating new ways to drive sales, onboard customers, generate awareness and retain employee


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